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  • Mobile

    Your FunMail email address allows you to send and receive mail not only from your PC or Laptop will your mobile phone or tablet. Supporting both Apple IOS and Android system your new email address is with you wherever and where eever you are in the world. Check out our help page to see how to set up your new email address on your mobile, tablet or computer.


    Your FunMail email address come with a 250mb mail box quota. We suggest that you set up your account as a POP3 account to ensure you mail box does not store duplicate data both on your device and the server. This ensures your email data is always downloaded from the server when you check your mail.


    At FunMail we offer a 24/7 support system. If you have any issues whatsoever just use the contact us link at the bottom of the homepage. One of our professional and friendly support staff will review your request and either send you an email with 24 hours with a solution to your problem or if the rectification can be explained in an SMS message we will text you. If the issue requires us to speak with you we will call the mobile your listed on sign up.